ETSI have released some extremely useful gap analysis documents for a range of popular ETSI standards. Using these documents it’s a simple exercise identifying important changes that could affect your compliance requirements.!/Tohelpyouinyourwork/Services/ComparedversionsofETSIHarmonisedStandards.aspx

NOTE:    All the compared versions are available in PDF version

What is Gap Anlaysis?

Gap Analysis for certification is the process of checking your technical file when the standards its certified to have been updated. Then assessing the changes to evaluate if retesting is required.

Why do i need Gap Analysis?

If a company can identify through a gap analysis that retesting is not required it can save a lot of time and money by not repeating the certification process.

Can a Gap Analysis go in my technical file?

Yes it absolutely should, the document can be used as evidence of due diligence when standards change.

What does a Gap Analysis look like?

Gap analysis is generally a report that identifies the changes and summaries its impact. Gainspeed have carried out lots of gap analysis for its clients, please contact us if you would like us to carry out a gap analysis assessment for you today.